Corn coming out/ Pictures coming In!

For us in Central Kansas this year a record number of acres have been planted to corn. This is great for the deer and wildlife but not so great for getting trail pictures and seeing your hit list bucks. Here recently some fields have been cut and immediately our pictures picked back up. Now if we can get the milo out of the fields and get bucks making scrapes the list will be complete! Here are a few of our bucks that are on the list! We are still waiting on a handful of mature bucks to show their faces again.


~ by firemcw on September 30, 2010.

6 Responses to “Corn coming out/ Pictures coming In!”

  1. I would say that is a good start to the hit list.


  2. I bet you KS boys can’t wait to hit the woods. By the looks of things it should be a great season out there. Keep us all posted.

  3. Pic #3…now that is who I would be chasin’! Of course, if any of the other ones showed up, I probably would fall out of the tree anyway…WOW!

  4. […] Corn Coming Out/Pictures Coming In – HBinMotion: The White Brothers are getting some great bucks on trailcam as the corn is being taken out, definitely have to check out this buck porn. […]

  5. I didn’t realize that there were elk that far East in KS!

  6. that first deer is just a freak nasty!

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