Busy work

With the Rut only days away from busting loose anxious bowhunters need work to keep their minds busy. Sometimes hanging new sets helps to pass the time until the midday sits become a regular occasion. Danny and I decided to go check out a new piece of ground this morning and we are really excited by what we found. The property isn’t huge only 80 acres but it has everything a bowhunter would want. Water, Milo, Corn, Cover, and the perfect tree for a set! Once again the hedge trees bailed us out again. They make you earn a seat in their canopy though. Anyone who has ever hung a set in a hedge tree will understand that comment 🙂 We hung a Reconyx not 20 yards from the tree to keep an eye out for us and we can’t wait to check it next week. Like I said it’s a completely new area and we are really excited to see what calls the place home!


~ by firemcw on October 23, 2010.

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