The HB Streak Continues!

After my first sit on opening day of South Dakota I was able to kill a good mature 8 point.  Clayton Miller of Miller Mathews has been watching this buck most of the summer with numerous trail camera pics.  I shot him last night but left him overnight because the shot was back.  Recovered him this morning in a pond!  Hunting up here is a lot different than at home but none the less I am having a blast!  Hope everyone else is having the luck I am this season!



~ by Shawn Luchtel on September 26, 2010.

11 Responses to “The HB Streak Continues!”

  1. I don’t think anyone is having the success you are having this season! Season isn’t even open yet in Illinois! Great job and keep them coming. Best of luck to the rest of the HB team.

  2. Slow down Shawn, your going to run out of tags before the rut! Leave some for the rest of us! Way to go buddy!

  3. What makes hunting in South Dakota different than home? Really nice deer.

    • Thanks everyone! Shawn, the hunting is different because there is a lot more open terrain. We had to hunt in a ground blind to kill my buck since there were not any trees within miles.

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  5. Great Buck Shawn. I love the crab claws on each side. Great photo too of the buck and the bow.
    Keep up the good work!

  6. Nice work Shawn. How many inches are you at for this year already? Haha

  7. Way to keep it going man. Another good one on the ground!

  8. Awesome buck Shawn! Man seeing you guys harvest these bucks has me pumped up. Only a few more days till we are in the stand with our bows in IL.

  9. Congrats Shawn, great looking Buck! Cant wait to see it on the tube!

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