After getting trail cam pics of this deer all summer he pulled the disappearing act on us. We went out opening day to where we were getting pics and saw nothing but does. Knowing that the deer are transitioning to white oaks
we made a move to the bottoms where the acorns where falling. After getting in the set it wasn’t long before we had some does come by. About 6:40 he showed up and met the Trophy Ridge shaft. What a way to kick off the Missouri season.


~ by larrymccoy on September 20, 2010.

6 Responses to “THE BIG 9 HIT THE GROUND”

  1. That was one exciting hunt…..glad I got to be in the tree and share it with you!

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  3. Congrats Larry! Glad you got one down early. Now it’s Ty’s turn!

  4. Conrgats! Morning or evening hunt?

    • It was an evening hunt Nathan. The deer were coming into the falling acorns fairly early in the afternoon.

  5. Larry, Nice looking 9. congrats to you and thank you TY for keeping me updated.

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