One More Day!

Tomorrow is the opener to Missouri’s Archery Season.  Most of the crew will be hitting the woods at home or in Northern MO.  Muddy’s are hung, seeds are in the ground, tags are bought and bucks are walking by our Reconyx’s…in daylight!  Hopefully they decide to walk by our stands tomorrow.  Wishing everyone a safe and successful trip into the MO woods tomorrow.  Good luck to all!



~ by Shawn Luchtel on September 14, 2010.

7 Responses to “One More Day!”

  1. Can’t wait to get into the tree!

  2. I hate you guys…still waiting on the 20th here in KS

  3. i’m ready to hunt to i live in missouri.i always look for opening day.

  4. All of you r lucky… Tennessee’s opener is the 25th. Oh well it’s still prolly gonna b around 85 degrees, although I have around ten consistent doe making their daily route ten yards from my stand every day.

  5. Sup guys, gotta question for Skyler n Shawn. I need a good simple face mask for bow season this year and I really like the ones yall wear turkey hunting. What kind r they or did yall jus make em?

  6. Lay them down guys getting out this evening good luck.

  7. Just heard the great news Shawn, Congrats, way to stick it out in the rain and lighting! Cant wait to see the pics and video. Good job buddy.

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