I Love North Dakota!

Skyler and I headed out last night to the same stand we hunted opening evening hoping to catch up with one of the 4 shooters that Nate has been getting pictures of. It seemed like the deer were moving really well in daylight hours just a few days before season, but once season rolled around they started moving more after dark as more and more bucks started shedding velvet. The first few days of our hunt were good. We saw quite a bit of deer movement, but no mature bucks. On day 4 we were completely rained out as North Dakota received record rainfall. Needless to say, we were really excited to get in the stand after taking a day off. Little did we know this big boy would show up with plenty of shooting light. I made a good shot at 25 yards and he only made it about 100yds. It feels great to get the season started off right in North Dakota! What an amazing place up here. In a total of 5 sits in the stand I have killed the two biggest bucks of my life. I can’t thank Nate and the Flynn family enough for having us up every year. It has quickly become my favorite trip of the year!


Nate has several years of history with this buck. Talk about a huge jump! Here he is last year (2009)



~ by michaelhunsucker on September 8, 2010.

9 Responses to “I Love North Dakota!”

  1. […] Stay tuned with Wired To Hunt for more updates from the HB crew throughout the season, as we’ll be tracking their progress and their kills along the way! For more pics and the full story about this great buck, check out Mike’s blog post on HBinMotion –> “I Love North Dakota” […]

  2. 5 sits and the two biggest bucks of your life is saying something now! Nate must do a tremendous job up there.

  3. Great job Mike. That is one heck of a trophy!

  4. I wish I could kill big bucks like you and Jason Smith! At least I can take pics of Jason and your bucks.

  5. What a great buck man. Way to kick off what we hope to be HB’s best season ever……I can’t wait to get in a tree….six more days.

  6. Hey Luchtel … you are full of it. Tell Rex I’m waiting for his picture to show up here with a buck bigger than Mike’s.

  7. Wow awsome mike opening day here in Missouri is only six days can’t wait to get out.

  8. […] I Love North Dakota – HBinMotion: If you haven’t seen this on my blog already, be sure to check out some great pics and the story of Mike Hunsucker’s (Heartland Bowhunter) North Dakota bow kill. […]

  9. Cograts Mike what a velvet stud! Great Job

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