Looking Good in North Dakota!

Just received word from Nate that the first camera check was a success…several solid mature bucks on the Reconyx cameras! He said there was a lot of daylight movement, but most of the bucks are moving at last light. Hopefully we will be able to pattern them a little better and cut them off on their way to feed in the evenings!

Skyler and I are hitting the road Wednesday and will be hunting the opener on Friday. We will be joined by Skyler’s dad, Shawn, and his dad Rex a few days after the opener. It should be a great trip. Can’t wait to get up there!

– Mike


~ by michaelhunsucker on August 27, 2010.

5 Responses to “Looking Good in North Dakota!”

  1. The body on that 4th buck is huge. Some great pics from Nate.

  2. Good Luck Mike and Skyler….that is going to be an awesome trip!! Thanks for the pics!!

  3. Can’t wait to get up there with my old man! Hopefully some of these bucks will be in trouble.

  4. It’s gotta be your turn this year Shawn! After Mike, Skyler and Jeff all nailed ones up there. I’m excited for ya!

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