Where are YOU watching HBTV?

We are curious as to where you are watching the show. Please take a second to vote on this poll and let us know where you get your HBTV fix!


~ by michaelhunsucker on August 10, 2010.

27 Responses to “Where are YOU watching HBTV?”

  1. Great show! It’s awesome to see someone break the mold and do somthing different with videography and how a show is put together.

  2. Would love to watch it on the Pursuit channel but it seems that it is in the worst possible time slots. I am either sleeping or working when it comes on. Whoever is setting the time slots over on the Pursuit channel needs a lashing.
    I watch online. Thanks guys for going that extra step to make the episodes available online for us viewers who aren’t lucky enough to have the sportsmans channel.


  4. Love the show. Down to earth good guys and not about big bucks only. Keep up the good work guys!

  5. I love watching this show, and I always watch at least one of the episodes each day over my lunch break to help keep that hunting itch scratched.

    Thanks again for posting them up on your website for us guys that don’t get to watch it on tv.

  6. I watch online and then buy the DVD release, the above channels are not available in England

  7. We watch ours on our laptop as a family every week! We really enjoy watching the show together so we can talk about it the rest of the week between episodes!

  8. Sometimes watch it on Sportsman Channel on Wednesdays, but more often than not, that is a GF night haha, so I have to catch it the following Monday online

  9. Almost always catch it on Wed’s on the Sportsmans Channel; but must admit; I usually watch it again once it hits the website. Don’t mean to be a stalker, but I love what you guys do.

  10. Awsome show. Can only see it on the computer and love every minute of it .


  11. Unfortunately I have to wait to watch it on your website, But it is by far the best hunting show out there!

  12. I watch it every Monday morning (when it’s posted) here on heartlandbowhunter.com.

  13. Best show on the web and tv. Please keep it on the web.

  14. The only place I can get it is on your web site. I wait anxiously for Mon nights to view. Dish (which I have) only has the Outdoor Channel. Too bad as IMO your show is #1 over all the rest.

  15. Love the show. All I get is the Outdoor Channel but glad to be able to watch it on the website. Look forward to it every week.

  16. I watch every monday morning on Sportsmen Channel…best picture in the industry, and a great group of guys to boot. Keep it coming

  17. Please keep it on the web.. i’m military overseas and that is the only way we can watch it.

  18. Love the fact that its on the web, you guys are doing a hell of a job I wait all year to watch these while im on the road. Keep it up boys!

  19. when I can I will watch it wild tv, but it is just as easy to check out the episodes that I miss on the web>

  20. Good stuff all around

  21. I watch it on the sportsman channel. After meeting Larry MCcoy and he told me about HB I watched a it and now it one of my favorite shows. Its good to have friends close to home that have a hell of a show.

  22. I watch it on WildTV and PVR every episode

  23. I record the series on Sportsmen’s channel but find myself only really watching it online because of the great videography and the high def online makes it ten times more enjoyable for me.

  24. From Spain we can see the show only on your website. Thanks a lot for posting them up. I also love every minute of it.

  25. If I had a TV I would watch it there. I either catch it at a friends houses or on the site. You guys are very inspiring. Thanks for all the hard work.

  26. Mondays are known in my family as “HB new episode day”. We hook the laptop up to the tv and watch as a family. Even my 2 young girls love the show. My oldest has a crush on Skylar lol and loves it any time hes in the episode.

  27. Would love to see you guys come down to western ky and take big ky buck!

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