Velvet Update

Kimber and I went out to check a Reconyx this morning and got some good and some bad news. The good was we got a couple nice buck pictures. The bad was raccoons chewed the strap in half that was holding the camera to the tree so it was only taking pics for a couple days and then was pointed sky high the rest of the time. Oh Well 🙂 Now it’s wired to the tree with steel wire, let’s see them chew that in half! Checking cameras is quickly becoming Kimber and I’s favorite thing to do together!

My trail cam assistant 🙂

I love how small these cameras are. You can hang them anywhere!


~ by firemcw on August 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “Velvet Update”

  1. That’s crazy that the coons chewed your strap in half! Looks like Kimber was having a blast!

  2. Take advantage of every opportunity to share the outdoors experience with that baby of yours. Trust me, those days can end way, WAY too soon and all you are left with are memories. The times my son and I got to spend in God’s country together is the only thing that keeps me going

  3. Those bucks are lookin good Matt!

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