Over the weekend Mike, Nate, Chester (Nate’s dad) and myself went out to check a few new farms that they recently got permission to hunt. After putting up some Reconyx cams, we headed over to a farm that I had a camera on for the past 2 weeks. We were definitely surprised to see a deer I call DOZER.  I had no idea if he survived rifle season or the winter. He is one ancient deer that somehow decided to grow double droptines out of nowhere this year! He is one crazy deer. His pal isn’t too shabby either!



~ by Skyler Wirsig on July 26, 2010.

6 Responses to “Dozerrrrr”

  1. WOW what a buck. Great mass and drop tines to boot! I hope you at least get that on camera this season, hes gonna be a monster.

  2. Good luck chasing those monsters this year!!! I’ll wager some profanity was used when you guys saw him on there!

  3. Dang, that DOZER has some MASS!

  4. I can’t stop looking at him lol

  5. Thats a monster

  6. Let me know when you need a cameraman….I owe ya a few hunts from this spring. I would love to be there to see dozer go down.

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