June Update

Still working on foodplots, putting out BB2, and running cameras. Corn is growing, bucks are growing, and beans are in the ground! Actually, the rain is moving in as I type…perfect!



~ by michaelhunsucker on June 8, 2010.

7 Responses to “June Update”

  1. That crop is looking good bud. Should only be about 3 more weeks and I should be moved into the new place if everything goes right. I can’t wait to get back in the woods again to get some cameras out and put stands up…I need a break from all these house stuff.

  2. Just had a question on your products, I ordered your videos and a hat, will they be shipped out now or when volume 3 is done. thanks

    • Still haven’t recieved my order, just wondering what address they were sent too. keith

      • Keith I shipped it to this address…

        keith levick
        1706 york street suite 5
        bloomer, wi 54724

        Is that correct? Feel free to email me at shawn@heartlandbowhunter.com.

      • I just went back and looked at your order date. It was June 11th so I would imagine that package won’t be showing up lol. I will send out another one tomorrow and throw in a decal for the inconvenience.

  3. Keith, your order has already been shipped. We only have S.1, Season 1, and Season 2 available for purchase. Since you bought all of our DVD’s you bought those three. Season 3 DVD will be available for purchase sometime this fall!

  4. Thanks, I really enjoy your videos their the clearest footage i’ve seen. I think you guys talk to my wife on facebook jackie russel. We have all are plots in and just got my first nice buck pic. Counting the days down. Keith

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