My daughters first turkey

My baby girl shot her first turkey yesterday morning! She is such a trooper always ready to get out there bright and early. Our morning started pretty slow, but it did not take long and we had a couple jakes and a hen come in. The jakes stayed just out of gun range for the old 410 single shot. About 7:00 we heard a tom gobbling in behind us and after a bit of calling he made his way to the field we were set up in. Once he got to the field and seen our strutter decoy he came running in and began to be the crap out of it. Alexa was very patient on waiting for him to hold still and once he did it was lights out! My dad was there to capture the whole thing on video…..surely a moment we will never forget.


~ by tyeasley on April 29, 2010.

11 Responses to “My daughters first turkey”

  1. Can’t wait to do the same thing with my daugher someday. Congratulations Ty!

  2. Now it’s time to see if she can’t get one with a bow next.

  3. Congrats to her and to you as well Ty. Very cool.

    Is she trying to look like Skyler in that last picture with her face framed in the fan? Only problem is her bird has all his feathers! 🙂

    • She is actually trying to mimick a bird she barely missed last year. That tom came in behind our strutter decoy and stuck his head through the tail fan before attacking it…..she still talks about that all the time and thinks it was the funniest thing in the world.

  4. That is awesome! The best is that you got it on video! Has she watched it about a hundred times by now??

    • She has watched it a couple times. Now she won’t leave me alone about getting these turkey spurs made into a necklace….guess she still has a little girly side left in her. 🙂

  5. Congrats!.. That’s awesome!

  6. That is cool man. Pretty awesome she got her first bird!

  7. That bird looks huge in front of her! I bet she still hasn’t stopped smiling! 🙂

  8. Awesome! Good story and great pictures. I love the first one and just the little extra touch of her spent shell. Congratulations!

    Andy Yost

    • The spent shell part was actually her idea. She really pays attention to detail. Thanks for all the comments guys it was a hunt I will never forget.

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