Finally A Bird Down…

Ty and I headed out this morning to see if we could get us a Missouri gobbler on the ground. He took me to one of his honey holes and birds were gobbling like crazy on the roost. I was feeling pretty confident. It took some time but 3 toms, a jake and a hen came into the decoys. The birds weren’t very aggressive and started to walk off after a minute or two. I picked one out and missed! I guessed the yardage wrong and shot over his back. I was able to get another arrow knocked and let it fly at 40 yards and nailed him! He flew off a ways but had a crash landing and didn’t make it out of the field. Thanks for filming and taking me to your place Ty! Oh yeah… and I chopped his tail fan off when I shot him!



~ by Skyler Wirsig on April 22, 2010.

6 Responses to “Finally A Bird Down…”

  1. What a sweet looking tail fan! hahah 🙂

    Congrats again buddy!

  2. I had a feeling you would get one down this morning. Can’t wait to see the footage.

  3. Mike,

    He was just making a picture frame out of the fan. Great job Skyler and thanks Ty for the hook up.

  4. That was a great time this morning Skyler. I hope all our hunts together turn out like that.

  5. Great Bird & Photo’s!

    Skyler, if you don’t mind me asking. What are your SLR’s camera settings on when you take pictures… They’re great!

  6. Brandon – We use manual settings on our DSLRs and adjust the aperture and the shutter speed to expose for the current lighting. I’m kind of amateur when it comes to photography, but we are all very interested in it. It is a great way to capture the memories!

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