Busy Weekend in Kansas!

Since I was unable to fill my KS tag last weekend I talked with the White bros last and got another hunt set up. We kept busy all weekend! Saturday morning I was able to connect on a big mature gobbler right off the roost. We then went back to Nicks and finished building the roof for their new silo blind. We got the roof done just in time to jump back in the blind that afternoon and Nick was able to dust a big ol’ jake with his recurve! Talk about a great day in the woods! Since we were so fortunate Saturday we decided to take a break from hunting and go shoot the Rinehart R100 this morning. It was a blast and although we weren’t necessarily in 3D competition shape we had a blast and did pretty good! After the shoot we headed back to Nicks and picked up the boom truck to set the roof on the silo. Everything went as planned. Can’t wait for these guys to kill a deer out of that thing this fall!

Time to hit the sack. We will be up bright and early for the Missouri opener!



~ by michaelhunsucker on April 18, 2010.

7 Responses to “Busy Weekend in Kansas!”

  1. Congrats! Sounds like an awesome weekend to me! Hopefully a few more tags get filled this week…

  2. Thanks for the pics Mike, and it looks like a lot got accomplished!! Good luck in the morning.

  3. Good looking pics. Looks like you guys had some fun!

  4. What is a silo blind?

  5. The White brothers have an old silo on one of their farms and it happens to be in a really good spot so they built a platform inside of it and cut some windows out. We built the roof for it this weekend and put it on! I am sure that Matt will make a post soon with some pictures!

  6. That silo blind is a crazy concept. It’ll be interesting to watch some hunts take place in that thing.

    Oh and congrats on the birds fellas!

  7. Congrats on a nice strutter Mike. Looks like you owe them white brothers a MO turkey dinner.

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