Slim Pickens… We’re Eatin’ Chickens

It sure has been an interesting two days of hunting here in Southeast Kansas. I made the drive to Clayton’s so we could go after those crazy turkey birds. We thought for sure we could fill a tag or two before the Missouri opener… we were way off. We have seen 3 hens in 3 hunts. We haven’t heard a single gobble! Not a single one. None. Zilch. Notta. We haven’t even seen a Gobbler or a Jake driving past fields! Hahaha about all I can do is laugh. That’s why they call it hunting. We did have a pretty cool encounter the first morning though… a nice coyote decided to investigate the decoys and I gave him a surprise!

The trip was a blast hanging out with Clayton and his family!



~ by Skyler Wirsig on April 16, 2010.

9 Responses to “Slim Pickens… We’re Eatin’ Chickens”

  1. Tough luck guys….those thunder chickens sure can be a tough bird to hunt! Best of luck Monday morning in Missouri!

  2. Nice job on the coyote.
    My first ever Kansas turkey hunt begins Monday the 26th near Oskaloosa. I’m heading up from south Alabama and can hardly wait. Thanks for the updates and good luck in MO.

  3. Nice yote partna!

  4. Way to put the smack down on the yote Skyler, he’s a good lookin one also!

  5. Good shootin Sky High…those are tough to get with a bow on the ground!

  6. You made the most of your opportunities thus far so that deserves a hand, congrats. I wish we could shoot coyotes here in Missouri during turkey season.

  7. Nice work on that Coyote man

  8. That looks like a nice Yote Skyler. We need to get together this week and turn that luck around.

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