Another Shed Hunt

This past weekend I visited my grandparents and couldn’t resist the chance to shed hunt! I talked my Poppa into going on his first shed hunt ever. We found a total of five including two matched sets. They were all within 75 yards of each other in a bedding area. I even had a little run in with an armadillo! Here are some pics that I took with my phone so that quality isn’t the best…



~ by Skyler Wirsig on March 1, 2010.

6 Responses to “Another Shed Hunt”

  1. Sweeeet! Nice Sheds.

  2. That’s awesome you got your grandpa out there and spent some time in the woods with him. Congrats on the sheds.

  3. Nice finds Sky High!!

  4. Very nice sheds. Looks like you need to be spending a little time at Poppas farm this fall. Sweet armadillo…I have never seen one of those alive in the wild if you can believe that. Lots of deads ones on the road though.

  5. Great finds Skyguy. Looks like you might have the late season bedding area located. Tell Poppa to give you back your sweater!!!

    Hey Ty,

    If you want to come on an armadillo hunt, come on down, I had two in my yard last night.

  6. your guys’ videos are sweet. they are my favorite out of anything i watch

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