New Addition to the HB Family!

After watching hours and hours of video applications and narrowing it down to a couple finalists, we have finally selected the new team for HB. Congratulations to the White brothers – Nick, Matt and Scott. These three brothers from central KS certainly have what it takes to be a part of the team! Over the past few years these guys have managed to knock down some giants and adding a camera into the mix hasn’t slowed their pace.

We told the brothers that we had it narrowed down to a few teams and that we would like to meet them in person, so we invited them up for the day. Little did they know, we had actually already decided they were the winners. Needless to say, they were certainly surprised when we announced the news to them. It was great to get to meet the guys and hang out with them for a while. They fit in great and we are looking forward to making some awesome memories with them in the future!

Thank you to everyone who submitted videos. We got some really great stuff and it was a very tough decision!

Nick White

Matt White

Scott White


~ by michaelhunsucker on February 20, 2010.

18 Responses to “New Addition to the HB Family!”

  1. It was great meeting these guys and getting to know them. They seem like a great group of brothers. You can’t beat family! I can’t wait to see what they will bring to our production for season 4!

  2. Congrats White Brothers!

  3. I am going to mirror what Shawn said. Great group of guys that obviously have a passion for archery, filming, and a great sense of family. Looking forward to getting to know them better and watch them chase big game around with their bows, a camera, and a HB hat on.

  4. Congrats on the new team, and to the new team. Judging by the photos they know what they are doing.

  5. Congratulations Nick, Matt & Scott! Bowhunting is a fever and these boys have it bad!

  6. Congrats to the new team! I’m confident HB has made the correct choice and I cannot wait for some footage of those Kansas monarchs. Best of luck fellas!

  7. A well deserved congratulations to these young men! Have heard and read lots about them, and I’m positive they will be a great addition to an already great show! Thanks for the opportunity HB crew, keep bringin’ the real goods!

  8. Congratulations to the White brothers! These are great guys that are unbeleivably committed and successful. They are without a doubt a great addition to the HB team.

  9. Congrats guys! Can’t wait to see some footage. Sure will be nice to see some more local Kansas guys putting down some great bucks!

  10. Congratulations White boys….you guys definitely deserve this.

  11. Congratulations guys…. I am jealous. Get after em.

  12. Awesome choice!!! I’ve hunted with these guys for 10 years, on and off camera. They are TOP NOTCH!! Congrats to some of my best friends and true whitetail fanatics!!!

  13. Congratulations guys. I can’t wait to see all of you in action. I too have read the stories and the success you guys have had is a product of a good group of guys that just love to hunt. Family looks to play a large roll in that as well. That’s what it is all about. Best of luck.

  14. Congratulations Nick, Matt, and Scott! Also, congratulations to the HB team for snagging three quality guys who not only have a passion for hunting but have a humbleness about them that is appreciated. We’re spreading the news about the White Brothers in Georgia!!

  15. Guys, just wanted to make a general comment about your website and your show. After watching most shows/video’s it is a real treat to sit back and watch your stuff. The cinematography and music is great. It allows the viewer appreciate the entire experience of hunting whitetails, not just kill shot after kill shot. Whoever is running the camera should be commended – no other show makes you feel like as close to the experience like yours does. Beautiful scenery/lighting/close ups. Your show really highlights the beauty of the country you hunt in. Having never hunted the Midwest, you guys sure make it look appealing. Nicely done.
    Keep up the good work.

  16. Hey guys, I just recently got to chat with Matt White about joining Heartland Bowhunter, check out the interview here

  17. I’m jacked these brothers are part of the team. I saw their pictures last year on Iowa Whitetail and saved the pictures cause the bucks were so incredible. That buck with the incredible mass from last year blows my mind! Congrats boys!

  18. Congrats to Nick, Matt, and Scott. I have had the privilege of knowing this family all of my 28 years. I have spent many a day in the woods with the white boys, whether it was chasing whitetails, duck hunting, or turkey hunting these guys gave 100%. I wish them success in this next great adventure, and can’t wait to see them during turkey season.

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