Sheds and Deads…

Shawn, Nate and I headed out today to do a little shed hunting. It seems like this year the deer have dropped early because of the stress caused from all the snow and harsh weather we have had this past moth. Not only did we pick up a dozen sheds, we found 4 matched sets and I picked up the left side to Junior, a buck that I have been watching for several years now. We decided to give him the free pass this year since he was only a 3 year old and man did he make it tough! At close to 165″ he made it extremely painful multiple times this season, walking by at 40, 30, and 25 yards on 4 different occasions this season. Man, am I glad we let him go. Can’t wait to see what he turns into next year!

75 5/8″

Unfortunately when shed hunting we sometimes come across this. This is a deer we called The Basket 8, an awesome 2 year old. During November I probably passed him up on 5 different occasions including an awesome decoy encounter. Its a shame that we won’t get to see what he could have grown into, but thats part of it…

A good day!

Get out there and find some bone!



~ by michaelhunsucker on January 29, 2010.

10 Responses to “Sheds and Deads…”

  1. cool pictures guys

  2. Looks like I should have hung around. Thats a pretty good haul. How many did you find in and around the food plot?

  3. Good stuff! I too have a 3 year old named Junior, but he looks nothing like that! Looks like you guys had fun.

    Andy Yost

  4. Awesome sheds guys!! So cool to see the matching trailcam pics that go with each of ’em! Going out the next couple weekends to do some shed hunting myself…if I could find just ONE like that I’ll be a happy hunter 🙂

  5. Wish ours would start dropping up north here. Saw 3 last night that still had both sides and one that had shed. At least its started.

  6. Intresting pictures, what do you think the Deer died from.

  7. I’d love to share some shed hunting tips from you HB guys on my blog, Wired To Hunt. If you had to share maybe 2-3 tips to a new shed hunter, what would you recommend?

  8. Nice finds! Better get the other side of Junior soon…

    Tip – Take some binoculars so you don’t have to walk as much ground… Sorry Mike I probably took yours!

  9. That was a lot of fun yesterday. Can’t wait to hit the woods again!

  10. Man I love the pic of that big shed laying on the ground. I can’t wait to see what he blossoms into this summer for you.

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