Dedication or Insanity?

I went out tonight hoping to get a late season buck or a even a doe.  With this arctic front moving through and snow on the ground I headed to a 3 acre standing corn plot.  With 25+mph winds and single digit temps I figured the deer would be moving.  Ended up seeing about 30+ deer and passing on some does in spite of a mature buck coming in.  He never showed but I was able to slip out with any deer spooking out of the field.  With about a week left in the MO season we are staying hard at it in this frigid weather!



~ by Shawn Luchtel on January 8, 2010.

3 Responses to “Dedication or Insanity?”

  1. Good luck man.dedication will always pay off!can’t wait to hear how you do.stay warm

  2. Good luck guys, it’s frigid out there!! Hope to see the hunt on HB so we can see how it’s done in extreme conditions.

  3. I like to call it “Insane Dedication”!
    Good luck finishing up the MO season.
    Really looking forward to the new HB season!!

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