Do you have what it takes?

Team HB is opening up a search to potentially find a new team for the 2010 season.  With the late season of 2009 still in front of us, it gives you time to put together a video resume following the guidelines below!

Make no mistake, we want to kill mature animals every year on video, but more importantly we want to capture it in a way that shows why you love the sport of hunting/bowhunting as much as we do!  We are looking for a camera minded team that truly wants to learn and be exceptional! This is a great opportunity to be a part of a show that is being noticed for quality and real life bowhunting.  Best of luck to all that enter and I look forward to seeing what you’ve got!

– Jeff Simpson, Founder of Heartland Bowhunter

Requirements for video resume:

– For the resume, any video camera will do.  If selected, teams will have to be using a 3CCD HDV or better camera for field production.

– Video can be no longer than 5 minutes in total run time

– Each person must have face time as well as time spent behind the camera on this video

– Briefly tell us your story.  Who are you and why should we contact you about being part of Team HB?

– Include digital photos that you have taken that you feel represent the reason you love the outdoors.

Submissions must be sent on DVD to Heartland Bowhunter by February 1, 2010!

Heartland Bowhunter

10320 Perdue Road

Grain Valley, MO  64029

Thats all for round one!  Good luck and we look forward to seeing what you’ve got!


~ by heartlandbowhunter on November 25, 2009.

28 Responses to “Do you have what it takes?”

  1. What an amazing opportunity! My hunting partner and I, live out west, and are long time fans of the show. I look forward to getting to work on the video resume. Thanks guys,
    Kenton Clairmont

  2. Wow….good luck to all who apply. This is the opportunity of a lifetime!!! Wish I could find a way to make it work.

  3. This is just another example of why you guys are the absolute best in the industry.
    Thanks for the opportunity to live a dream.


  4. This sounds great!! Just curious as to whether there are any location requirements, does it matter where we hunt, etc?? I know you guys mostly stick around Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois. Does it matter if we are from Oklahoma/Arkansas?

    Thanks for a great show!!

  5. Dang, my camera sucks real bad or else I would give it a shot. One question to clarify something for those that are sending in their videos: Is it a rule to have a segment of said persons shooting a deer? Or is this necessary?

    Good luck to those that enter! Can’t wait to see the new team!

    • Shooting a deer would be great, but not 100% necessary. What I’m really looking for is what you hopefully see in our show……lifestyle and a true love for the outdoors. With that, the goal is to have the video capture that in a way you are proud of.

      Hope this helps!

  6. This is a great idea Jeff! A few friends and I have been filming hunts and have become very passionate about getting it all on film. We all pitched in and bought new cameras and tree arms and the whole bit. I was just curious how many people could be on the team?

  7. good luck guys/gals, wish i could it make it happen. Just poor timing in my life right now. Awesome oppertunity for someone though. Thanks for the oppertunity Jeff.

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  9. Wow. What an awesome opportunity, my biggest challenge is not having enough buddies who could devote the time and money to join me on this kind of venture. Excited for all you that decide to take the plunge tho! Good luck!

    I posted a story bout this on my blog as well, definitely the kind of thing my readers will be excited to be involved in. Hope to have one of my “Wired To Hunt” boys join your crew!

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  11. Dang!this is what we dream of!Team HB is the best there is and to provide al of us rookies with a chance like this is unbelievable.Jeff you can bet on getting an enrty from this Texas team!You have helped me out so much in the past year or so,and I can’t wait to show you our you want rough or edited footage?

  12. Sounds good bud.already putting stuff together.would you rather have a hunt or two,or just a collection of footage from everything?kind of like a trailer.just want to make sure we get everything you want see put in to 5 min.

  13. Great chance for someone .! Can’t wait for the upcoming season. Will love to see some of the footage you get turned in. Really enjoy the show . Look forward to the new season.

  14. This is definitely an opportunity of a lifetime, thanks Jeff and all of HB for giving us this chance.

    I’m really looking forward to submitting my footage from this season hunting the suburbs of New York and Connecticut. It’s my first season filming and editing, but I’ve already come to love it. I’ve gone hunting without my camera a few times and I always feel like I missing something when I don’t have it.

    Good luck to all participating and thanks again to Team HB.

  15. How would you like the photos. On the same disc.

  16. Wow! What an opportunity. I read your post and couldn’t believe it. A chance for someone to be on the greatest outdoor show ever. I first got the Sportsman Channel when the second episode Season 2 was airing,(The one of the Buck Commanders on opening day of Missouri) and immediatly thought this is what a hunting show is all about. Me and my buddies tried out hunting in front of a camera for the first time this deer season and never realized just how cool it can be. We are in a tough situation with college work in our way but we will give it all we have. Gonna work on the resume during our Christmas break. Thanks for the opportunity, Jeff!

  17. Hey Jeff we just want to make sure we have a shot at this. Are you looking for seasoned bowhunters with trophy kills under their belt or do a couple of novices with a love for the camera and an obsession for the outdoors have a shot?

  18. This is an awesome opportunity. Jeff i met you 2 years ago at the harrisburg show. Sence then my girlfriend laura and i have competed in the Campbell outdoor challenge for the last 2 years we have gotten pretty good with the camera. the first year we finished 5th overall but we won the antelope challenge. this year we came in 4th overall and came in the top 5 in all the events. one of our specialties is bowfishing are you guys looking for teams that due bow fishing. we have alot going on right now but we are going to work really hard to get you guys our video thank you so much for this opportunity. laura and i (kurt) thank you guys.

  19. Is a forty minute fully edited DVD with six kills okay for the resume. We could put together a five minute video also to meet the requirement I just already have the DVD almost done with music the only thing left to do.

  20. I wish i had camera up at school. The outdoors are a way for me to escape everyday life. I love the outdoors and going on hunts and not getting anything i find are more enjoyable then hunts when i do kill something. Its the sense that i am out in the woods is why i love it.

  21. This is a great opportunity for anyone! These guys are great! Jeff, you have helped me out in many ways and I appreciate all that you have done. If Mike or Shawn see this, thanks to you guys for all of the hunting opportunities you have taken me on(my first goose hunts were awesome!! Thanks again guys). Its awesome to see this company grow and to see these guys care about the outdoors so much as well as other people who enjoy the outdoors. Good luck to everyone who enters!

  22. Just wanted to say a big thank you to all at Heartland Bowhunter for the opportunity of hopefully making someone’s dreams come true. I will be sending off our video first thing in the morning. I would hand deliver it if that’s what it took. It’s been an incredible experience already. Thanks again!

    Brian Magee

  23. Deadlines up!!Good luck to everyone that sent in a resume.This is an awesome opportunity and could be a dream come true for one of us rookies that sit in and stands and just wish we could pursue our real dreams!Good luck to yall at HB also,im sure this wont be an easy decision..

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