Big 10 is dead….I think

Worst luck ever this AM.  Going into the stand this am we could see this buck out in the CRP south of the stand.  It was really low light, but I could tell through the binos that it was the big 10.  He was nose down dogging and he headed south….to the neighbors farm.  Right at first light I hear the boom from the fence line right where he was headed.  Stinks.  I’m obviously not 100% sure it was him that got smoked, but I’m pretty sure.  Here’s a pic of the guy….



~ by heartlandbowhunter on November 14, 2009.

7 Responses to “Big 10 is dead….I think”

  1. That sucks man. Hopefully he is still running around and that boom was someone shooting a completely different buck. Either way, good luck in the coming days.

  2. Man that sucks! I know what that’s like. I will tell you this though, you’re lucky. You’re doing what most of us dream of. Instead, I keep up with you through your blogs. Its ridiculous really but oh well… I’m from mississippi and I gotta wait another month and a half to see a buck dog a doe. I think about it everyday. Swam a river yesterday to get my dead doe. It was 37 degrees but it aint right to let her lay in the river on the snag. Anyways, sorry you missed out on that beast but its a new deer everyday for you! Keep us updated dude you do a great job! Thank you! Bc

  3. home farm right? i’m sure the neighbours will show you what they got right?

  4. Man, it must be killing you seeing something like that happen! Good luck with the other bucks. Hope you bag the big 180.

  5. Hey Jeff, did you ever find out if the Big Ten was the victim of “the boom”?

    • Never found out…..guess we’ll see if he shows back up on the Reconyx cams I have out. Right now I just need the farm to dry out. We have a lot of good ground under water right now. You should see my golf cart……never knew there could be so much mud on one of those! lol

  6. Hopefully once yall dry out a bit, Big Ten will show his face, uh, Horns, again!
    Good luck and thanks for the updates!

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