Beware the Orange Army…..

Today wrapped up the 1st MO archery season and tomorrow brings on the orange!  I went and got my rifle tag today so I can be out there with the Z28 in tow.   Hopefully we keep seeing these bucks and hopefully they stay on our farm and dont get sniped from afar!

Took out the 1st archery season with another doe.  This thing just kept looking up at us and blowing….she had it coming is all I can say.  At last light we did see the inside tine buck again… he’s a great looking buck on the hoof, but it was too dark and he was too far.  Maybe this weekend we can get a crack at him. Here are some pics from the day and a trail cam of the inside tine (the pic does this deer no justice.  He has a matching inside tine on the left as well).






~ by heartlandbowhunter on November 14, 2009.

4 Responses to “Beware the Orange Army…..”

  1. Man, it looks like you shot that doe with a cannon! During firearms season, do you all have to wear X amount of orange like we do here in Kansas? Just curious about that. Good luck and be safe out there during rifle season.

  2. Awesome pics, & Congrats on the Doe! What Settings do you have your camera on? Those pic’s look great!

  3. I use manual settings on my Nikon…..dont recall where they were that day.

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