Iowa Update

Shawn and I are back from hunting with Jason Smith up in Iowa and unfortunately I was unable to fill my tag this trip up. I had a great hunt and saw a bunch of nice deer. I passed several bucks in the 125-140 range and had two close call with a buck that Jason calls ‘Captain Hook’, but i guess luck was on his side! The rut was going crazy and bucks were cruising and chasing does all over the place. Although I didn’t have any luck, Jason was fortunate enough to catch up with an awesome Iowa buck on Tuesday morning. Hopefully the action will still be hot when I make it back up there later this month. Here are a few pictures from the trip…maybe next time!


Loess Hills

Loess Hills

No Trespassing


‘Captain Hook’ looking at the decoy as I was at full draw settling in. Just as I was about to pull the trigger he decided to walk and when i tried to stop him again he trotted off, breaking my heart…

Captain Hook

‘Captain Hook’ – Velvet

Captain Hook - Velvet

Jason’s Iowa Buck

Jason's Buck


~ by michaelhunsucker on November 13, 2009.

3 Responses to “Iowa Update”

  1. At least you saw some deer, Mike! Hopefully on the next trip up there you can one-up Jeff on his buck and knock down another slammer. 🙂 Good luck hunting in MO!

  2. Hey next year come on over to Riverside,Iowa and I’ll put you on some nice bucks. I’m sure you here that a lot, but truely I have excellent ground.
    Best time in my neck of the woods 14TH / 19TH November.
    The Iowa River valley has some monsters. I hunt a couple of properties that have tributaries that run through them. Swamp land and hill ground both.

  3. Oh there’s no doubt he will be back up there to do that! Jason has great looking deer as well as great looking ground. He will get a shot at one later this season. Luck has to turn around for us soon. We haven’t had much time to get in the tree together this year because of other obligations but we will start laying a few down shortly I’m sure.

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