Hard at it….

We’ve had the decoy out, the rattling antlers out, grunt tube and kitchen sink.  Have sen some great bucks, but the ones giving us shots are ones I want to see make it and the others, well…they are old and mature for a reason!  This moon isnt helping anything either, but my gut says we have some good things coming in the next couple days!   Some pics from the last few days:




Good luck to everyone and be safe in the woods!  Its NOVEMBER!!!!


~ by heartlandbowhunter on November 4, 2009.

4 Responses to “Hard at it….”

  1. Ha! Loving the picture of Tiny acting like king of the world! Yes, it is November…but unfortunately for me I am making a trip to Vegas with the wife from the 5th through the 9th. Oh well, they will be going full-bore when I get back at least!

  2. The picture of the BlueBird Sky is great. Not a lot of cover in that tree; yall must be elevated quite a bit to stay hidden. Can’t wait for the new video season to start! Good luck and be safe.


  3. Unrelated question…is any of Season 1 available online anywhere? Great pics btw…hope to hear of some deer down in the next couple days!

    • Season 1 is available at http://www.heartlandbowhunter.com

      Just click on the “SHOP” tab on the left hand side. Once you are at the store, click on the DVD’s & CD’s link and order up. Season 1 is not as good as Season 2 in my opinion, but it is still well worth it. Plus it’s cheap for a 2 DVD set!

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