Lefty, again…..

Halloween AM proved to be a great sit!  Started off by having a big doe come into the food plot and she simply hung around too long, had to let one fly through the lungs!  After watching her expire just outside the plot it was time to make some more noise.  Hit the antlers to see if anything would come visit tiny (my decoy).  Not long after I look up and Lefty is in the plot and posturing on tiny.  He proceeded to get between me and the decoy, quartering away at all of 12 yards.  He’s definitely a 3 year old, so I passed him once again.  He’s a great looking buck that I really hope makes it to next season…..I’m doing my part to make sure he does!


btw, Go Ducks vs USC tonight!





~ by heartlandbowhunter on October 31, 2009.

9 Responses to “Lefty, again…..”

  1. Man AM must have been a doe death sit. I smacked a nice abult doe this morning as well. A small buck chased her right to me lol. I also had to pass on a 8 point that was just not quit shooter material yet. Late season though he would be hard to pass up if I dont have my buck yet. Well gratz Jeff. I am very glad to see your feeling better and back out enjoying yourself.

    Kepp up the good work.

    P.S. make up your mind on what to do about the whole membership thing so I can join lol.

  2. Yea, what is with the membership link. It doesn’t work for me.

  3. Good decision on “Lefty” a couple of days ago. Hopefully he will have a good time with the ladies this year and still be on the farm next year.
    Looking forward to the next updates from the HB team!


  4. Just stumbled across the show today on Sportsman’s Network and I was hooked…I hurt my back earlier in the week so I was stuck on the couch, which killed me not to be in a tree on such a beutiful Missouri day. I found myself on the website watching previous episodes I have missed. But the show is fantastic, great camera work, it is neat to see shots of everything else that surrounds us on a hunt, let alone what we are out there chasing. But just wanted to say thanks for a great production. Keep up the good work and good luck this year in the field!
    -Mike M.

  5. did you guys change from victory to easton ? couldnt help but notice you had a axis nocked up ?

  6. Jeff. All your photos are immaculate. I know you use Nikon cameras and was wondering which model you have? Thanks

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