Happy Halloween from Iowa

Checked a camera that I randomly threw out before I headed out West……picked up quite a few bucks and these nice ones on it.  Cant wait to get in the stand, but I’m waiting for next week before I start hunting IA.  Hunting North MO in the AM assuming the 50mph winds lay down!

Good luck everyone…..tis the season!










~ by heartlandbowhunter on October 31, 2009.

6 Responses to “Happy Halloween from Iowa”

  1. Very nice. Hope you get one. Just got off the stand here in MS and did not see aingle deer. Very slow. Should start to pick up thru Novemeber. Keep us posted if you get one of those Iowa giants.

  2. I guess those are shooters…

    Good luck, bucks are finally moving in KS.

  3. Awesome shots. Wish my trail cams were snapping deer like that haha.

  4. Dang any of those would be awesome on my wall hehe

  5. I’ve been watching hunting shows for years. The industry got so watered down with trashy farm, high fence, stands and feeder hunts that I stopped watching for a long time. I came across your show on the Pursuit Channel and just wanted to tell you guys how much I enjoy your style. The cinematography is second to none! I just got my first hunt on film this year. I shot a nice 7 x 8 bull in Washington State. It dies in the water and it ends up being a swim retrieval. Now there’s some fun…let me tell you. Anyway, really enjoy your shows.
    Stab em and Stack em boys…
    Kenton Clairmont

  6. So for the error. The Sportsmans Channel.

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