Passed on Lefty tonight…..(30 yards quartering away!)

Hope I dont regret this one, but I passed on lefty tonight because of a steep shot angle and I just dont freakin know if this deer is 3 or 4.   I looked at the footage and he’s looking more and more like a 4 year old, but its still a tough deer to judge.  Either way, we saw 9 bucks with plenty of light and 2 mature deer.  Things are good on the North MO farm.   Here’s a pic of ole Lefty

ah, and I only had one coughing attack in the tree tonight!  Thats a huge plus.



~ by heartlandbowhunter on October 28, 2009.

5 Responses to “Passed on Lefty tonight…..(30 yards quartering away!)”

  1. He is a good lookin buck Jeff, you will get a better view tomorrow!!

  2. LOL this is how it goes with those 140-150 ish bucks.

    You see them from a distance and you say “ahhhhh next year buddy, your mine”

    then they get into about 20 yards and its ” oh crap that buck is bigger then I thought and im still sitting down”

    then your watching a white flag run the other way and kicking yourself for being to picky.

  3. Give Lefty at least another year. Next year you will be more than pleased to put him on the ground, without thinking twice about it. Sounds like you are feeling better! Can’t wait to check in over the next couple weeks here and see what all you guys are putting down. Good luck gents!

  4. Jeff, that high fever must have messed with your reasoning abilities.
    🙂 That is a fine buck, especially with all of that trash on the left side. I respect you for having the strength to pass him. As usual, it was probably the right decision.
    Good luck the rest of the year and welcome back!

  5. Jeff, I admire you for passing on ole lefty. I don’t think I would have that kind of patience. Give him one more season. Good luck. Hope you get to feeling better soon…

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