Finally, a mulie goes down!

After 2 hard weeks of winter weather and tough terrain, Trevor and I finally laid into a big mulie here in South Dakota.  Its been a great trip, but things just havent come together till now.  Stalked this deer for about 2 miles and got to 30 yards on him……the rest is going to be Season 3 of HBTV Episode 4!

A pic of the brute…..what a left side this deer has!

Jeff Mulie Small



~ by heartlandbowhunter on October 14, 2009.

13 Responses to “Finally, a mulie goes down!”

  1. What a monster! Is that velvet hanging on to his right G2?

  2. sounds like a fun hunt congrats

  3. Beautiful Muley! Congrats!

  4. Very Very Very Very nice mulie. Great job Jeff cant wait for the video.

  5. Wow very nice mulie Jeff. Great job guys, cant wait for that episode. I am very glad the camera didnt get turned off on that one lol.

  6. Wow. That is a great mulie. And that pic just looks awesome in general too. Did you adjust the color down on that or was that the real lighting? Its almost surreal.

  7. Congrats man! That thing is a hawg! What ever happened to Nebraska? Any luck there?

  8. OK Jeff. You have GOT to give us some off-season shows. You can’t make us wait until next Summer for Season 3!! That’s just plain cruel! Must have HB….!!

    Great Mulie! What a rack!

  9. Ha, Nebraska…..that place is just rough on us. This year it was 100% on me. I zipped one over the back of a good buck on the only close shot I had (he was 51 and I shot for 60) Gotta love that real life bowhunting! lol

    LOTS of good deer there this year. Its amazing to me seeing 160-180 class deer on a regular basis in Nebraska!

    We may try and make it back…..all depends on this CO trip and whitetail as soon as I get home to Iowa.

    • That’s bowhunting man. At least you scored in SD on this beast! Good luck in CO, and have fun hunting those monsters you all have up there in Iowa…ya lucky bastard! Ha!

  10. Hey Jeff, Congrats on a nice buck!
    Look forward to seeing the footage.
    Say hey to Trevor

  11. Hey Jeff; the title was a little misleading. It says a “mulie” finally goes down. But then the picture shows you holding a elk! Just kidding; wow, what a great buck. I have never had the desire to hunt mule deer, but this blog might just change my mind. I know the video is going to be great.
    Congrats and good luck the rest of the season.


  12. What part of SD were you hunting in? I am from the Black Hills, and from the snow picture of the truck i am guessing a bit farther east. Hunting the farmland along the river?

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