First Deer with a Bow!

My fiance, Bethany, got her first bow about 2 weeks ago and has been shooting it daily ever since. This week I felt like she was ready to hit the woods. In just her second sit in a treestand, she was able to harvest this great doe! She was really excited and so was I! I am very proud and glad she gave bow hunting a chance. It was one of the most rewarding hunts of my life!  I think she is hooked now!

Best of luck to everyone this season!





~ by Skyler Wirsig on October 10, 2009.

8 Responses to “First Deer with a Bow!”

  1. That’s awesome Skyler and Bethany! Sounds like she’s a pretty good shot if she got it done on her 2nd sit ever.

  2. Congrats to both of you! Does she now have “the itch”?

  3. Nice job coach. I am thinking you guys will share a lot of memories out in gods great creation. Some great stuff right there Sky.

    • WOOOOOT go Bethany!!!! Very nice work. I am glad to see girls give hunting a chance. My wife likes to go out and sit in the woods with me but shes not quite ready to hunt. She has come a long way for a doctors daughter that thought hunting was only for backwoods hicks before I met her lol.

  4. Congrats!! I can’t wait to experience that for the first time this year also.

  5. Super Job! It is great to see couples enjoying our great sport together. My wife never liked hunting because of guns. I got her a bow and now she practices everyday. October 15th is day 1 of the Alabama bow season and she is pumped!
    Keep up the great work, Skyler, Bethany and the entire Heartland Bowhunter team! Can’t wait to see the footage!!

  6. Great job guys. I am a bit jealous. My wife always talked about going and hunting, but never has followed through with it. I cannot think of a better way of spending time together than in the great outdoors.

  7. Congrats Bethany and Skyler! Shawn, Bridget and I went out last night and had a pretty crazy night! Didn’t end up connecting on one, but still had an awesome time and saw a TON of deer. Hopefully Bridget can get her first deer with a bow soon!

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