Father/Daughter Date

I had my first sit of the year when my 7 year old daughter Addyson and I took to the woods last week with Skyler on the camera.  We were to hunt the property where Skyler and I caught up with Tallboy last year.  The high number of does and a southeast wind almost assured me of a night that would not disappoint me or my daughter.  After having several does in range and waiting for the perfect opportunity to make the shot, the celebration began after our target ran out of sight.  I love seeing how excited she gets when the plan comes together and my next goal is to have her in that same tree and get a shot at a mature buck with her as my trusty co-pilot.

Skyler…….I can not thank you enough for capturing such a special moment for me.

I love that girl.



~ by Clayton Campbell on October 5, 2009.

6 Responses to “Father/Daughter Date”

  1. Way to go Clayton! These are times you and Addyson will never forget!
    The memories made in the field together will carry you when other things fade away. Trust me on that one.
    Keep the family number one; Heartland Bowhunter is the best show on television. Thank you Jeff Simpson and the entire staff/team!

  2. It was my pleasure Clayton! It was a blast filming the hunt!

  3. That is what its all about right thatere. Great job guys. That hunt will hold a special place in your heart. My oldest daughter is 8 and wants to go hunting so bad its crazy. I cant wait.

  4. That is awesome for both you and Addyson. Creating good memories and having fun along the way. Keep it up bro. Tell the family hi.


  5. Congrats Clayton. Only a few more years and it will be Addy’s turn to be the hunter. Good to see you are getting her out there to witness and learn how to bow hunt.

  6. I bet that was a great hunt. Those smiles say it all. Good luck on getting that buck with her as well. Looks like she is bringing you some good luck. I have had the little ones out a couple times this year, but no luck yet. Alexa did get to climb up in her first hang on stand with the climbing sticks…she loved that.

    Take care,

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