Sighting of a shooter!

Chad and I were in the tree tonight up here in North MO and were treated to a great night in the stand.  Beautiful setting and lots of deer movement.  About 7PM the night took a turn for the serious when a 160+ class buck stepped out, but as luck has it the other smaller buck he was with came in while he kept his distance.  So be it.   Good news is they are hammering my food plots and I get to go again tomorrow!

Happy and Safe hunting!

Jeff S.


~ by heartlandbowhunter on September 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Sighting of a shooter!”

  1. jealous you get to hunt…october 1 is our opener in michigan….still waiting.

  2. Man I know the feeling there. Ohio season opened this weekend and my brother had a buck come in while it was to dark to see how big he was. He horned a tree right in front of his stand and my brother could tell he was a good buck but couldnt tell if he was a GREAT buck. Well the buck walked about 50 yards away and bedded down. When it got light enough to see clearly my brother almost pooped his camo because it was a monster. After about 45 min the buck got up and walked away. My dad and brother have killed a few 150+ bucks so when he says it was a monster, I can only imagine.

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