Starting To Get That Itch!

As the bucks are finishing up growing their racks, my excitement is growing with season just around the corner.  I checked one of my cameras the other day and got some pictures of some nice bucks that we have been watching. This first buck is a buck that we call ‘Junior’. He certainly shares some of the genetic traits as a buck that we called ‘Ribcage’, a 173″ Missouri stud that my good friend Nate Flynn shot in the fall of 2007. We have a lot of history with this deer. Trail camera pictures, encounters, and sheds from the 2008 season and now we continue to put the pieces of the puzzle together with trail camera pictures again this year. He has some unbelievable potential, and being only 3 years old he gets a “get out of jail free card” from us. If he makes a good jump next year, there is no telling how big he will be. We can only hope that he can manage to make it through the season this year!


Nate with Ribcage Sr. (173″) 2007


‘Junior’ – 2008-09 Comparison

Junior Comparison

‘Junior’ – Sheds 2008

Junior - Sheds

‘Junior’ – 2009



Also, I got some pictures of this big mature 8 that i have been watching the past couple weeks.  Shawn and I went out to try and get some footage of these deer, but didn’t have any luck.



And finally, a buck we call ‘High-Brow’


This pesky basket-rack 8pt wouldn’t leave the minerals.  The bigger bucks had to run him off so they could get some!



~ by michaelhunsucker on July 31, 2009.

One Response to “Starting To Get That Itch!”

  1. I wanna see pics of you and JR together!!!!! good luck, hes a good one.

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