Payback with a bonus

If you remember from my last post Larry and I had gotten rained out on a good tom that was hitting everything we threw at him. After the rain ended we built a new blind with better decoy visibility and was back in and set up the following morning. We had two different toms sounding off within a few hundred yards and it wasn’t long before we knew we had set up in the right spot.  About 45 minutes after day break one of the toms made it to the field we were in. He hung up for a bit gobbling and strutting about 150 yards away. After a few calls and some inticing by the decoy he could not stand it any longer. He wasn’t to happy about a jake taking his ladies and decided to put a pretty good beaten to Larry’s jake decoy. As you can tell from the picture below we got the last punch in and he only went about 40 yards.Ty's 1st Spring 2009 Turkey (1)

The second bird in the valley behind us never did stop gobbling. Not long after I shot my bird we switched up and Larry got on the calls. This bird was really fired up and ended up circling to the north to take the same approach as the 1st tom. In almost a repeat performance Larry’s bird came in and got a taste of some carbon as well. This hunt had a little extra excitement to it, but you will have to tune in next season to see what happens.Larry's 2nd Spring 2009 Turkey (4)

This was Larry and mines first double with archery equipment…one we will never forget.Ty and Larry's Spring 2009 double (3)

Larry’s arrow chest deep

Larry's 2nd Spring 2009 Turkey (6)

Larry's 1st Spring 2009 Turkey (15)


~ by tyeasley on May 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Payback with a bonus”

  1. Awesome guys! Congrats on the double! Can’t wait to see the footage…

  2. great story and pics! i bet it was such a good feeling to pull off a double… congrats!!

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