More Bone!

Shawn and I went out sheddin with a couple buddies of ours yesterday and had a pretty decent day. I found a match set to a buck that we call Ribcage Jr. He is a 2 year old that has a TON of potential. We named him after a buck we called the Ribcage buck that my buddy Nate Flynn killed last year. Ribcage scored 173″ and we think Ribcage Jr. wont be far behind in a couple years! I also found another matched set off of a nice 9 pointer that we have never seen before. He should be a good one next year!








~ by michaelhunsucker on February 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “More Bone!”

  1. Nice finds guys!!…very nice. JR will be awesome in a couple of years.

  2. nice work boys! Can’t wait for this snow to melt up here in Wisconie! We got a big storm that dumped 6 inches last week so there are spots in the woods with close to a foot left out there. Turkey season just around the corner!

  3. Those should be two good buck in the near future. They use that trail so much it looks like a cattle trail.

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