Unforgettable shed trips

Larry got a picture of an old, huge bodied, main frame 10pt back in late Nov. and we immediately put him on the hit list giving him the nickname Tank. We never got an opportunity at him during season and finally got another picture of him a couple days before season was over. This past Saturday the 14th Larry and I went shed hunting on another piece of property about ¾ of a mile away from where we got the pictures and I found his left side in a cut bean field. We searched another 4 hours for his right side and came up with nothing.

I went back on the 16th with my daughter, one of her friends, and my son to try one last time to find the right side. After searching the rest of the bean field on the 4 wheeler I hit the timber while the kids played in the mud for about an hour. My lab found one small side to a fork horn and it appeared that was all we would find that day. It was just about time to head home when I decided to check one more hay field about ½ mile away from where I found the 1st shed. While driving along on the 4 wheeler I saw a decent 4pt side and told my son to watch out in front of us and he immediately spotted it…man was he excited. I helped the kids get down and told them to start looking for the other side. My daughter got about 25 yards away when she yelled “there’s another one”. She took off running to it and man was I surprised when she lifted it out of the grass. I was totally expecting it to be the other side to the shed we had just found, but lucky for us it was the right side to Tank…the celebration was on. That had to be one of the most fulfilling shed trips I have ever been on. To see the kids have such a good time and to find the other side to Tank was more than I could have asked for that day…although I am still not sure if the kids had more fun playing in the mud or finding the sheds.

Shed I found on the 14th


Alexa with her shed


Bess, Alexa, Hunter, and Whisper


Left side scored 72 7/8. Right side scored 69 5/8


6inch bases…with a 17 inch spread he would have 159 5/8 total inches of antler.




~ by tyeasley on February 17, 2009.

4 Responses to “Unforgettable shed trips”

  1. Man, that buck was bigger than he looked in the pictures. I thought he was an upper 140s deer when you guys got pictures of him earlier this year. I guess his giant body makes his rack look smaller than it really is!

    Congrats on a couple of good finds!

  2. What a story and a great way to get the kids involved in the outdoors.


  3. Great finds! Awesome way to get everyone involved… it sounds like you all had a blast

  4. Great story, I’m glad to hear you could get the kids involved and show them a good time!

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