Time for the food sources.

The deer are really back on the food sources now. I went out last Saturday and filmed my dad on a farm that two deer on our hit list live on. It was a mixture of snow and rain with really light NW winds. The conditions could not have been better for a one of them to show up during shooting light.  Does and small bucks were pouring into the cut bean field when I looked to my right and saw a deer we had nicknamed Tipster. Right away I noticed he had broken off the last 7 inches of his right main beam above his G3. Lucky for him…he just got one more year to live. Hopefully we can catch up with him next season.tipster-broke-off

I was also able to get my first kill running the camera this year on a doe Larry shot last week. Talk about some bad luck behind the camera for me and in front of the camera for Larry. That was my 45th hunt in a row that I was running the camera on. Obviously we have been having a season like Shawn and Mike. Larry did put a great hit on her and she only went about 40 yards. It sure felt good to get one on the ground. larrys-3rd-doe-2008-21

Good luck to everyone in the field, Ty


~ by tyeasley on December 3, 2008.

One Response to “Time for the food sources.”

  1. Gotta love puttin’ meat in the freezer! Keep it up… you guys will get Mr. Big

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