Tough Times…

Deer Hoist

It has been a very rough season in Missouri for Mike and I.  We have had the worst season ever, that I can recall.   Neither one of us have shot a deer in the month of November.  We went out this morning to shoot some does and did not even have one within 60 yards.  That has kind of been the story of this fall for us.  We have hunted our tails off and it seems like we have nothing to show.  We are hanging in there and are still hopeful for a late season buck.  We are going out again tonight to attempt to shoot some does but you never know.  Just checkin in so yall know we are still hard at it…

Wishing for Luck,



~ by smluchtel on November 29, 2008.

7 Responses to “Tough Times…”

  1. You’ll get one in the next couple days…..Great pic of the gambrel!

  2. what is a gambrel

  3. its whats in the picture here……what you use to hang a deer to cape/skin/bone it out.

  4. good luck guys… you should get it done with this snow. the deer will be on their feet!

  5. Keep at it boys. Luck can only fall one way for so long, it will turn in your favor soon.


  6. Your dedication to hunting will pay off soon guys! I’m sure of that! Get one killed in Missouri so you guys can get back to Illinois and get on some food.

  7. best of luck to you guys!! It aint over yet!!

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