Iowa! October 21st

My first full day in Iowa was nothing less than what I imagined Iowa whitetail hunting to be!  We got into the woods around 5:45am and didn’t get out till dark……Ocober 20th is definitely a little early for an all day sit, but around 8:30AM we had a really nice 10 come in off the ridge and bed just 62 yards from our stand.  This buck had geat curled in 2’s and 3’s, mass, tall brows, etc.   Not a complete giant, but a solid 160” or better buck.   We got to see him get up and bed back down 8 times throught the course of the day….groom himself, scrath his back with his antlers, sleep, etc.  It was a great day in the woods and an awesome experience getting to watch a mature deer all day.  Day 2 produced 6 bucks in the am….all of whom got chased off by a coyote that is no longer capable of running deer (see pics below).  Lots of beautiful land here in Iowa and some unbelieveable deer running these hills!  More to come…….


~ by heartlandbowhunter on October 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Iowa! October 21st”

  1. Good luck buddy….Mow em down.


  2. I will be watching the journal to keep updated with the hunt.


  3. You guys must be hunting near Atlantic, seen one of your trucks at the Motels there yesterday. Real close to my stomping ground, alot of good bucks, got to hunt them alittle different here in big crop ground. Best of Luck.

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