Foot Plot Adventure at the 20 acre patch

I will be posting pictures and updates as they become available, but with this spot only being 20 acres I thought I needed a little something extra to attract and hold deer on this property.  Using a chainsaw to clear a few trees, some hand rakes, and a hot day or two, I cleared leaves and exposed the soil.  A hand spreader had four seed blends through it in separate areas to determine what is getting hit throughout the season.   Throw and Grow, Shot Plot, Hot Spot, and Secret Spot were the seeds used.  Throw and Grow was the first to go in (Aug16th), a light rain and a week later produced the following.


~ by Clayton Campbell on September 4, 2008.

One Response to “Foot Plot Adventure at the 20 acre patch”

  1. Lookin good Clayton. Im going to put some pictures of our plot up here in a second.

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