Did a little shooting tonight…

Mike, Ty and myself went out to Terry’s (Ty’s Dad) to do a little shooting from the tree and try out some broadheads.   Mike is dialed in for ND later this week.  Ty is shooting well and I need practice 🙂





~ by smluchtel on August 26, 2008.

3 Responses to “Did a little shooting tonight…”

  1. I would not be to hard on yourself Shawn we all know you make the shot count when that big boy is in front of you. Looks like we need to invest in a new deer target.

  2. i second you on needing a new target

  3. New deer target? What are you talking about? That thing is like new!!! 🙂

    Those pictures turned out great and that shooting got me even more excited for ND!

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