Larry, Andy, and I went out to clear our last 5 stands for this season (unless a big buck shows up somewhere unexpected) and man was it hot. The temps were in the mid 80’s when we hit the woods and 100 degrees by the time we finished the last set. A lot of water and bug repellent. We generally like having them finished by now, but we have all been to busy. Hopefully Andy doesn’t end up with poison ivy again.




~ by tyeasley on August 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Man, im hurtin just looking at those pictrues!

    Shawn and I still have some work to do around here. Were headed the the farm in Lamote this weekend…We might just scout, and put up cameras down there and save the stands for later when we hunt it! 🙂

  2. Stand prep is sometimes fun and sometimes work. It looks like this trip was BOTH!!! I also have some work to do as my truck has been down for a few weeks. I hope to get it up and kicking again to finish up sets for Skyler and I. Found myself another cedar coffin yesterday on a noon scouting trip!!! Come on November.


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