Dink Special!

This morning I woke up to Skyler banging on my door.  He was asking if we were still going hunting at 5:30.  We all scrambled to get our clothes on.  We were just going to hunt a spot down the road that we could get into easy. 

We set up at 6:00 and were just getting settled in before hearing aclose gobble!  He was on the ground.  I never once called before Skyler spotted him coming across the hill.  He came straight into the decoys and started pushing up against the DOA.  I gave him plenty of time before drawing.  Then as he cleared the decoy I pulled the trigger.  My shot was pretty low but struck him in the leg tendon!  I gave him the Dink Special LOL.  He actually went down in sight because he couldn’t walk.  When we approached he gave us a little goose chase but I finished him with another arrow.  I was done by 6:15.  It was a great morning to say the least!



~ by smluchtel on May 8, 2008.

6 Responses to “Dink Special!”

  1. I was laughing out loud when i read the title Shawn LOL!! That area looks familiar in the pic. Way to go man and its an honor to be used in the title. Yeah baby!! congrats bud it looks like a big bird. what are the stats ??

  2. He was 21 lbs. Had a 10 1/2 inch beard and 1 1/4 spurs.

  3. Dink-ta-fied!


  4. Great story and a bird to boot. Good to hear that Skyler is keeping you guys in line. From hanging with him at the Iowa Deer Classic, I thought he would have been the one sleeping in. LOL

  5. You got it all wrong Clayton haha… I am always the one to wake these boys up in the morning!

  6. Congrats on bird!!!! I am looking foward to seeing the footage.


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