Another MO bird hits the ground!

I finally got a stinking bird on the property I call ‘The Orchard’!  



~ by heartlandbowhunter on May 2, 2008.

7 Responses to “Another MO bird hits the ground!”

  1. This property holds a lot of good birds on it, but for some reason we have always failed to seal the deal on this farm. Last night Good friend and HB team taxidermist, Chad Johnson and I went out to roost birds at the orchard to get a good look at what I’d be dealing with in the AM. The birds did not make a peep before flyup or in the roost last night, but I did spot some in the tree with the binos. Being high winds, I chose to set up on the bottom blind that Hunslinger and I built a few days before. This blind was real close to troost, but down out of the wind….making it the logical choice. This AM we slipped in nice and queit and had a couple birds hammering in the roost fairly close. Surprisingly no birds flew down in the fields, but we did still hear them gobbling on the ground. first birds we actually saw naturally came from behind us where we had no shot, but as I was calling I looked back out in front and saw that agobbler had made his way to the field in front of us……100+ yards of gobbles, spitting, and strutting this bird finally got to the decoys. He closed all this grond directly head on to us, so there was no chance at a draw till he was at a mere 6-10 yards and turned back toward the decoys. I drew fast and smooth and the rest is as they say……history. Great way to spend a Missouri Spring morning. This bird meant a lot to me because of how hard ti has been to get one down on this farm over the past 3 years. Special thanks out to Skyler for keeping his cool and laying down some great footage with a mature bird that close to our blind!

  2. I don’t know about you Jeff but the mosquito bites are all over me! Those things were terrible this morning!

  3. Jeff congrats on the bird. the Orchard curse has finally been lifted. I see your now also calling Mike Hunslinger for the gun show he puts on. LOL!! Cant wait to see the footage, Im sure Skyler laid it down good. Shawn, i still want that Dog (Sophie) my Daughter fell in love with her when she seen the pics. way to go guys.

  4. Yeah, the skeeters were out in full force!

  5. Congrats Jeff. You guys are on a roll again. Looks like you’ll have plenty of footage for next year. 😉

  6. Good job buddy!!!!!!!

  7. Looking forward to seeing the footage.


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