Finally one on the ground

A good friend of mine and Larry’s bagged his first bird with a bow today. Congrats Andy!



~ by tyeasley on April 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Finally one on the ground”

  1. After a few years of chasing tom’s it finally all came together this mid morning for Andy. My father and him had three big toms come in today and he sealed the deal on one of them.

    Another good friend of mine, Wes came in town this weekend and ran the camera for Larry and I. Thanks Wes, we had a great time even though we did not bag a bird. Next weekend we will return the favor.

    Unfortunately we were still running into the same problems of having birds get about 40 yards away and getting nervous. Can you say snake bit? We have been out every day but one since the MO opener and still have not been able to connect. Hopefully week two brings us new luck. It was about this time last year when our season took a turn for the better.

    Still hunting hard,

  2. Great pics guys! Congrats on the bird Andy. Hang in there Larry and Ty…we all know what you two are capable of. It’s only a matter of time and I’m sure you two will start layin em’ down.

    Good Luck,

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