Frustrating Birds….Frustrated hunters.

      Ty and I went out this morning and had a great one with no bird to bring home.  We had birds on every side of our set. Early in the morning every tom had Hens to tend to and did not want much to do with us. We decided to stick it out and wait for the Hens to leave the toms. We captured birds breeding ,fighting , strutting and gobbling . The footage is good to say the least. We had a bird coming to the decoys and reached about 40yds and saw somthing and took off. We then had a group of 3 birds run at a single Tom in the field and when they got over to himthe fight was on.  The birds were jumping and kicking …making all sorts of ruckas. When the three ran the single tom off they were heading to the decoy. I was expecting to just start pounding on it but they got up to it and gobbled at it and never turned allowing me to draw. The birds then saw something (just like the Birds earlier) and began to head out. I then drew my bow back and shot just over ones back as they were leaving.  It can be so tough when you are dealing with more than one bird at 15 yds. Thats part of bowhunting them.  Whatever the Birds were seeing is hopfully gone now. Ty and I stayed midday and we brushed in the blinds better. Hopefully we will not have that problem again.  It is all going to turn  around for Ty and I. 



~ by larrymccoy on April 23, 2008.

4 Responses to “Frustrating Birds….Frustrated hunters.”

  1. Glad to hear even the pros have those kind of days. I’ve been having the same luck, too many hens and the gobblers wanting nothing to do with my setups.

    And hey, you guys better take good care of my buddy Dan, while he’s out there. Hope the weather allows him to get out and hunt in the morning.

  2. Glad to hear the pros even have days like that. I can’t seem to get the gobblers away from the hens either.

    And hey, you guys better take good care of my buddy Dan, while he’s out there. I hope the weather holds out so he can get out in the morning.

  3. We can’t complain to much. At least we have been seeing a lot of birds and having oppurtunities. It is only a matter of time before the tables are turned and birds start dropping.

  4. You got that right…We have been in the birds. Our streak is about to begin.
    Hey John,
    Keep after them…The hens have to leave them sometime.Good luck man keep us posted.


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