So Close! Day Two in MO

Day 2 didnt look to promising after a trip out to one of the farms that we hunt last night…..


~ by michaelhunsucker on April 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “So Close! Day Two in MO”

  1. Day 2 didnt look to promising after a trip out to one of the farms that we hunt last night. The birds were not talking on the roost at all, and a storm was rolling in. About 3 a.m. i woke up to some thunder and downpour ouside, but checked the radar and it looked like it would move out in time for us when the 5:00 rolled around.

    Shawn, Skyler, and I all got settled in and got everything set up and waited for it to get light. We only heard a few gobbles in the distance and were somewhat dicouraged. The big storm had definately shut them down a little. We sat tight for about 2 hours and had only seen a couple hens, when finally a hen dropped off the top of the ridge and flew into our decoys. She walked around a little before Skyler spotted the gobbler strutting down the ridge. He was headed straight for her. Unfortunately she moved off and of course, he followed. He wanted nothing to do with the full strut decoy.

    After that we decided to pack up and head to the other side of the farm and try to strike some birds up. We got to the top of this big cattle paster and i did a little calling. Several toms sounded off right below us. We hustled back and found a little hedge bush/tree to set up against. I hadnt even knocked an arrow or put on my facemask when a hen came running over the hill. She went down in a dip and i was able to get prepared. After her a jake and a few more hens popped over, then came the toms. 4 of them strutted our way, then RAN into the decoy. The biggest one proceded to launch his spur right into the decoy and knock it over. I decided that i better draw before they move off. I drew and the got a little spookey. I settled in the best i could and let it loose. The shot was high, but it looked to me like i hit him in the neck. Unfortunately, he popped right back in to full strut and i realized that i must have just got feathers.

    Its too bad i didnt connect on such an awesome hunt…it was awesome seeing those toms run in and bully around the decoy.

    Maybe next time!

  2. You can’t get them all!!! It is hard to get drawn and pull off a good shot on nervous birds with a bow … and no blinds.


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