Only 4 more days till the MO opener

Larry, Dad, and I have built 9 natural ground blinds in the last two days and can’t wait to try them out. We have also been seeing a lot of strutters around who can’t wait to become movie stars.



~ by tyeasley on April 17, 2008.

4 Responses to “Only 4 more days till the MO opener”

  1. Hey Ty,

    Remind me next time to bring some gloves….my hands and arms look like I have been wrestling with an angry cat.Lol We should be set up pretty good.

    That bird on the left has a dagger.


  2. This is actually a video clip from a hunt two years ago that dad and I doubled on. I shot the front bird two years ago then shot one of the other two last year on a morning hunt with Larry. If the 3rd bird is still alive hoepfully I can finish the hat trick this year. These 3 birds all have distinct thick ropes. They are only about 9 to 10 inches long but super thick. The bases of their beards are to thick to fit in my Gold Lohman turkey fan plaque.

  3. I have a place in the fryer for that fat bird……

    MO birds beware, Team HB is on the prowl!!!

  4. I went and did a little scouting this morning. The birds were hammering really hard. We will roost them tonight and get on them in the AM. It should be a great opening day tomorrow with some GREAT weather!

    Can’t wait,

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