The Little Ones


~ by larrymccoy on April 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Little Ones”

  1. Ty and I took our kids and there cousin out this past weekend in Mo. for the youth hunt. The morning started out with cold temps and howling winds. We did not hear much of the way of gobbles where we were at but we set up anyway and did not see a bird . We decided to re-locate to an area where the wind was not going to be quite as bad. We finally got everything set up and sat for about an hour or so calling periodically. Ty looked over and saw some birds about 200 yds away. We could tell the birds could see the decoys and were heading our way. We had one strutter come in to about 10 or 12 yds. and my daughter shot and missed. It was great getting out with the little one and sharing that expierience with them. Although we did not come home with a bird , it is definatly a hunt we all will remember. Later that day my daughter was practicing and shooting really well and she turned to me and said “Dad how did I miss that bird?” I said there is alot more area to miss then there is to hit so hang in there your time will come.

    Can’t get em all,

  2. Haha, sometimes they are just TOO close! 🙂

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