The adventure for Dan, our first Field Staff Member winner, starts now!

As many of you know, Dan ‘Dink’ Richardson won our first Field Staff Giveaway a couple months ago.  Dan has since received his new Gaurdian and all the goodies that come along with it.  Dink was kind enough to provide some pics of his setup to us and show us that he is getting prepared for his MO bowhunt with the Heartland Bowhunter team!   The trip is just weeks away and the birds are REALLY starting to do their thing around here.  I’m looking forward to a great hunt!

This is just the first of many posts we will have to document Dinks trip with us.  Should be a great one…..and remember, there will be multiple giveaways throughout the year for our Field Staff Members.  To join and be a part of the HB Team, CLICK HERE!

   Good looking Victory arrows with HB wraps!  Tom slayer!


~ by heartlandbowhunter on April 10, 2008.

13 Responses to “The adventure for Dan, our first Field Staff Member winner, starts now!”

  1. Looking forward to meeting you Dink.

  2. Glad to see your prepared. Now get rid of that big stool! We ain’t hunting in a double bull! 🙂

  3. Cant wait to meet you to Ty!! congrats on the bird by the way!!
    Mike, Big stool for BIG butt..LOL!! Naw, i have a small set up seat that ill bring to get lower to terra firma!!

  4. My husband is gagging me, he thinks he is all that. LOL!! He thinks he is famous or something, he is going to come back with a big head, because he makes me look at his pictures all the time. He better not come back saying Dude. LOL!! please help.

  5. Whats wrong with saying Dude? 🙂

  6. Hey Dink,
    Looking foward to meeting you. Hope your new rig is treating you fine and the arrows are flying true. The time is flying by… you willbe in town before you know it.


  7. Knowing Dink for all these years as we’ve hunted the same Pike County stripper pits, you should be aware that he’s used to having us real hunters tie his turkey to a tree before opening morning. Hope you have a lot of patience cause he aint much of a shot either. LOL. Good luck to you, Dink. See ya’ on TV! Woohoo! so hope

  8. Pay NO attention to my wife, LOL! She snuck in on me. I agree Mike, nothing wrong with Dude!!! Ha Ha!
    Larry, the new rig is treating me great, i love it, times a tickin guys, see you in 10 days.

  9. Johnny Bob… Ill see you at work bucko!!! good luck on your trip as well!!

  10. Hey Dink,

    Looks like the weather is going to warm up before you get here.The birds should be pretty responsive. Gobble…Gobbble……TWACK!!!



  11. Larry, what a relief, im getting tired of the wet cold weather we have been having….. hope to here some birds

  12. Beth,
    If you think he is talking your ear off with hunting now you just wait till he returns and you will hear the stories more than you can imagine:) Hope he gets a big one!

  13. Heartland Bowhunters,
    Well i guess Dannys there now. The weather channel doesnt’t look so good where you guys are. I’ve never seen anybody so happy . If he comes home saying dude, that a be alright. Thanks for making a really good husbands dream come true.

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