Tagged out in Kansas!

Got my second bird in Kansas on Sunday AM.  Shawn was with me and captured probably our best turkey hunt ever on video!  We had some REALLY close action and lots of birds right in our decoy spread!  Our DOA kit is making this a really hard season on these birds!  It’s a deadly tool!

Larry, our host from Kansas Hill Country Hunting Guides, also put a bird down on video that morning with Hunsucker and Skyler…..and one of the youth hunters that was out scored on a huge bird….1.5″ spurs and 26.5 pounds!  It was a great weekend in Kansas!   Here are a couple pics!  – Jeff



~ by heartlandbowhunter on April 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “Tagged out in Kansas!”

  1. It was an awesome weekend! The Sunday hunt was a blast. I can’t wait to get to Nebraska this coming weekend.

  2. Sounds lke a great trip…I look forward to seeing the footage.


  3. Way to put em down. If we keep this up it will be a great turkey season.

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